Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2018 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide) So Cool

electric drum kitI hope you will agree with me when I say

Finding your best electronic drum sets or as commonly referred to “electric drum sets” can open up a whole new dimension to your drumming, whether its for just learning purposes or professional play.

One of the greatest foundation and most important component of good music is based on the drum sound and beats of that music. What then could be of a much more importance to music makers than having a good set of drum kit that produces a great sound and beat to flow? Absolutely nothing I guess. Which is why investing in a musical drum kit (electric or acoustic) is arguably a great investment.

But there is a problem to this;
How do we make the right choice when choosing an electric drum kit or better off (which is more preferable) what are the best electronic drum sets out there that you can comfortably trust?

The best sellers!

No worries. This same question i did ask myself when I started looking for my first e-drum set. I got confused really with the number of options i had available, like a dummy, I made errors and wasted money. Although I eventually landed success and got my first great electronic drum kit,

I decided to continue in my quest for search for other better electric drum kits which eventually opened my eyes across a wide range of really amazing e-drum kits out there. I have created this page to share with you some of the best electronic drum set of 2017 after series of testing and reviews.

I will tell you which electric drum kit is best for beginners, great for practicing, best for the stage and for recording. Damn: I will even show you my best electronic drum set for under $500 right here on this page. YES, I will show you all because I love god music and hate bad sound as well as uncomfortable situations.

Our Top Rated Electronic Drum Sets (categorically)

Overall Best Least Noisy Best for practicing Best Budget For starters

so there you have it. A categorical review of the best electronic drum kit 2017. Lets take a deep review into these drum kits below. Added to this list are five more other e-drum kit that are doing really amazingly well.

While some of your favorite brands might not appear here, it doesn’t mean they are not good enough. This is not just a regular list of top electric drum kits, rather it is a list of e-drum kits we have tested and rated top by other e-drum users. so, if you have other e-drums you feel deserves to be in the list, kindly leave us a message and we will review it for you.

Best Electronic Drum Sets 2017

——- table here ———

1. Alesis DM10 and DM10X – Overall best

Ranking in the #1 spot on our list for overall best electronic drum kits might not come as a surprise to so many of you familiar with e-drum kits. The Alexis Dm10X is a power-horse when it involves studio recording obviously, with its amazing large collection of sounds, more drums, cymbals, than your average electronic drum set, you’re given so much flexibility in your musical experiments.

The Alesis DM10 is indeed a professional electronic drum kit for any advanced player or even a beginner who is really passionate about investing properly in good kits.

Features of the Alesis DM10

1. You won’t have to hold anything back, as the DM10X features heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel rack with hinged, quick-release clamps.

2. The pads uses Alesis’ Dynamic Articulation™ technology. What this means is that the snare pad has the ability to produce various sounds depending on where you hit it, which just go ahead to make the DM10 sounds great even without any computer editing.

It then becomes crucial to note that the Alesis DM10’s pads are Mylar and In terms of noise this is comparable to rubber. So if you wouldn’t only want to use the DM10 for the studio but for practicing at home or outside play too, then yur best bet is the mesh version which is the DM10 X kit. although it cost $300 more than the DM10, it makes less noise and can play well outdoors.

comes packed with 1,000 sounds and can even be overwritten.
No need for much editing, with the Realistic sounding pads through Dynamic Articulation™ the alesis DM10 series sounds great.
Obviously one of the best kit with an additional tom + cymbal pad for under $1,000 (DM10)
You get an amazing value for your money.
You can choose from an aluminum rack or chrome rack depending on your preference.

So far, I have really seen a major drawback except for the fact that it is not very expensive compared to other e-drum kits with the same specs.
It doesn’t normally ship with what Alesis considers extras, such as a drum stool, kick pedal or sticks

Overall, the Alesis DM10 is a valuable piece for its money and even more than it. Both the DM10 and DM 10 X kits are considered a great investment when it involves electronic drum kits.
DM10 Best for recording and DM10 X best for both recording and outdoor practices.

Alesis DM10 X Kit

The DM10X’s sound module is no doubt the true star of this piece of equipment. It is the world’s first drum-sound module that enables you to load new sound sets via USB connection from your computer. What that means? It ensures that your module is always current.

Again, if you do not wish to use the DM10 for the studio but for practicing at home or outside play too, then your best bet is the mesh version which is the DM10 X kit. although it cost $300 more than the DM10, it makes less noise and can play well outdoors.

All features of the DM10 included and improved on.
+ Perfect for both live performances and studio training

2. Yamaha DT400K

Best drum for practice (its so cool and calm)

Now what first comes to your mind when you hear the name Yamaha? Music, sound, instrument and yes, everything else music. With a line of product ranging from drum sets down to the piano keyboard. It then should also not be a surprising thing to see the Yamaha DT400K make it to the list of best electric drum kit 2017.

Down to the DT400K, Based on it looks alone, anyone will quickly say “Oh God, this is crappy shit of a drum kit”. But seriously, once you see how it performs, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best-selling and most well-reviewed electronic drum kits in its class.

The DT400K set includes 10 customizable drum kits with sounds including 23 snares, 21 kicks, 31 cymbals, 36 toms and 42 percussion’s. Another stand out feature (the obvious reason we so love it) is the KU100 Silent Kick Unit that significantly reduces vibration and acoustic noise, making it one of the most quiet drum sets you will ever come across.

While the DT400K may not have come packed with a mesh snare or kick pad, it does have a unique combo of gum rubber pads, and a soft kick pedal far more sophisticated than many of the other electronic pedals at similar price ranges.

The Yamaha DTX400K is starkly set apart from the rest with its integration with mobile apps, of course, produced by Yamaha itself as well. What this does is; it gives you the ability to plug in your smartphone or music mp3-player and jamm along to your favorite songs while they play.

Still speaking on the mobile integration, the app comes with a 12 built-in training functions. with my favorite been the “Measure Break” which guides your playing through a click for a certain period of time and then pauses for exactly one bar. You play on and when the click comes back in, you will know whether you were keeping the time or not.

**Beater and pad-less kick takes away the biggest source of noise which only leaves this to be the mot quiet drum kit perfect for family and neighbor friendly practice.
**Comes packed with a Quality headphone (JVC) to rock.
**Ability to plug in your smartphone or music mp3-player and jamm along to your favorite songs while they play.
**Yamaha is a well know key player in the instrumentals world and offers great customer support.

**Looks crappy in addition with the holes in the cymbals, (just for the looks, doesn’t affect sound)
**The Silent kick feels different from standard pedals. (but present in the DT450K)

3. Yamaha DT450K

(best for practice)

With all the features of the DT400K Included, the Yamaha DT450K is more of a more improved function. As it also comes packed with;
A 3-zone snare for rim-shots
A bass drum pad that allows for a double kick pedal, with a REAL kick pedal included and
A more advanced HH65 Remote hi-hat controller.

One very good and cool thing I like about this particular set are the 12 built-in training functions. And of course, my favorite, the “RhythmGate” which trains you to keep the time as this features is majorly found only on the much more expensive drum kits like the Roland TD 11K.

Unlike other electric drums, the Yamaha DTX450K takes up a very small amount of space, measuring at 35.1 x 12.4 x 22.7 inches, which further only goes ahead to make it very perfect for apartments since it wont be cluttering up your home. The pads are also pressure sensitive which makes for an engaging playing experience on all accounts!

**The Kick pad is broad and sensitive enough for double pedal.
**It lets you plug in your smartphone or mp3-player so you can jam along to your favorite song while it plays.
**With its 297 sounds and 10 preset kits, you can record really nice stuff.
**Yamaha is a key leader in the music industry, which only leaves this kit with a high quality sound.

**Outer Look seems crappy in addition with the holes in the cymbals, (just for the looks though, does not in any way affect quality and sound)
**Limited number of preset kits (10)

Ranking between the top 50 spot on Amazon for E-drums, it has proven by far it is one of the most affordable-all-inclusive bundle you can ask for. How about how easy it is to customize? Really very smooth as even the quality of the kit itself is superb.

Overall, the Yamaha DT450K is a great kit for music and quality sound lovers who wishes to go further or advance in their music career as it provides you with the best possible environmental friendly and not even annoying sound for practicing.

4. Alesis Nitro

(Obviously the best for beginners + its less than $300, great deal!)

For those who do not know, Alesis Studio Electronics (a top leader in e-kits) was one of the first electronic instrument manufacturers to make affordable products for the average home studio. Yes, they still haven’t stopped as they still keep up with that trend, legacy or whatever best word you might want to call it **winks**

While this piece might come out cheap, it certainly doesn’t look it. (as you can see for yourself from the attached imaged above). All thanks to its great sound and price, it is now the best selling drum set on Amazon (with over 1,000+ models per month).

Outstanding Features of The Alesis Nitro Electronic drum kit.

With the Alesis Nitro, you get guided and motivated during practice through its built-in training functions.
A Plug-and-play home recording. All you need is just one additional cable and a laptop.
You get up-to 40 slots containing drum sets mixed together out of 385 quality sounds which you can see and hear from the video below.

Beginner friendly features as well as 42 beats to learn with guidance.
A much better hardware, with the solid aluminum rack, and the upgraded kick pad included.
Can be used with double bass pedal

No advanced features (half-open Hi-Hat cymbal sound, triple zone Ride cymbal)

5. Roland TD-11KV-S V Compact

Arguably, the Roland TD-11KV-S V compact outperforms its predecessor which is the TD-11K as originally, this kit was intentionally made to be a high quality compact piece of drum equipment that can be put in a corner, so you do not attract too much attention.

Even though this drum kit was designed to be as compact as possible and may look small at first, it is far comfortable and will likely suit the needs of most players, whether beginner or advance. First with the inclusion of a mesh snare drum head far more responsive than the usual rubber pads while it also feels more real to play.

Some Cool Features of The Roland TD-11KV-S V compact drum kit.

Comes packed with choke-able cymbals, which most drummers considers a must-have feature. Roland did well really; to include it in this set

The array of sounds is pretty impressive as well. For those familiar with the brand already, Roland have always strive to offer its possible best when it comes to sound samples. The TD-11K-S is obviously not an exception.

Just like Yamaha 400 and 450K, The TD-11K-S comes also with the coach function which gives you prerecorded songs that you can jam along to while you master your skills.

**comes with a real standalone bass drum pad which you can use with the included Roland bass drum pedal, or any pedal of your choice.
**Compact design makes it perfect for even small apartments
**Mesh and snare drum head included

**More expensive than the Roland TD-11K (which is only normal for an upgraded version)

With the all-new added accessories and a few more features added as compared to its predecessor, the Roland TD-11KV-S V Compact Electronic Drum Kit is sure going to enhance your drumming sessions. So, If what you are looking for is a small, high-quality and versatile piece of drumming gear that wont be all noisy and deliver just great sound, then the TD-11KV is your best shot.

Electronic Drum Kits Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions on e-drum sets. Also just below it, we have included a buying guide and things to consider as well as features to look out for when choosing an electronic drum set.

What are the benefits of having an electronic drum kit?

Benefits Of Having an Electronic Drum Set

With everyone talking about electronic drum sets, one will little imagine, what exactly is so special about e drum kits that’s making everyone go “hay-wire” ? The thing is, Having an electronic drum kit opens a new world of endless possibility when it comes to drumming expertise.

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages to owning an electric drum kit. We have taken time to highlight only but a crucial few of them to give you an insider insight.

1. Easy Learning and Mastering

Fast forward to our today’s digital world, learning has never been much easier, sweeter and quicker as compared to those days and yes, drumming is also involved in the trend of things that have changed so far via technology.

Many digital drum kits these days have a built-in feature which allows your kit effectively enhance your training on timing, rhythm, and feel as there are many options and exercises to help you reach your full potential while your electronic drum kit lead the warm-up or practice session for you. With such coaching and training, your skills will always be on the move as you can always improve by increasing the difficulty of the exercises. (something that you have to organize on your own when using acoustic sets).

2. Recording and Editing

Another benefit an Electric drum has as compared to an acoustic drum is the ability they have to allow you to edit, loop, playback and play around with your recorded sessions just the way you like it. Whether or not if you want to plug in your Mp3 or a CD player, its easy to jam along with your favorite songs while also recording, to see where you went wrong.

Interestingly, there are drums that lets you upload your recorded sessions directly to your computer, which obviously proves to be way more difficult and fussy when dealing with acoustic drums since they do not let you have quality recordings of your sessions. With an acoustic drum, you would have to go out of your way to buy separate recording equipment.

3. Its Versatile and Universal.

Unlike your traditional acoustic drums, electronic drum sets have libraries with hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of tones and sound selections. Whether you are into pop, rock or jazz, it becomes easy for you to switch within seconds without fuss. This versatility is especially useful if you are a drummer who enjoys playing in various styles or probably still trying to find your niche.

It then becomes much easier to experiment, mix and match with different selections depending on the genre and music you love playing, as you will never be forced to remain true to one idea. Freedom and liberation is the word that comes to mind for drummers who wishes to go beyond the norms and are not afraid to think outside the box with this kind of versatility.

4. They are Portable and Lightweight

if you are looking for something you can easily fit inside bags and carry around, then a electric drum kit is your best bet. With their light weights (usually not above 30Kg) it then makes a significant difference as compared to the traditional acoustic drums which weighs 40-50Kg.

Some Equipment’s You Might Need For Your Electronic Drum Sets

As earlier pointed out during the cause of our review, most electric drum sets do not usually come full equipped with all the “jack and Jills” of drum sets. While they focus mainly on sound quality and easy user interface, they sometimes neglect some little accessories the users might need. (because most of these accessories do not really have anything to do with the sound quality directly)

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest you consider the prices of these accessories while making your electric drum kit purchase. If your E-drum comes fully packed with everything included, then you do not have to worry. But if on the other hand they are absent, then it will be very helpful to you considering having them.

1. Drum Sticks.

Of course, why not? If you have got a drum set (acoustic or electronic) what is then the use if you cant play it? completely useless. Therefore, the need for a drum stick becomes unavoidably important and add up to one of the most useful “small but mighty” component of a sound drum kit. Just as useful and “less techy” as drum sticks comes the little problem;

Which Drum Stick is Best for Electric Drums (Wooden, Plastic or Otherwise)
For years, this has been a tiny but major problem most drummers really cant just figure the right choice to make. But here is a conclusion of the whole matter;

Whether you decide on a wooden or plastic drum sticks, it all boils down to preferences as both drum sticks have got their good and bad side. Most drummers turn to wood-tipped sticks, not only because they last a very long time when you play a digital drum kit, but also because nylon tipped ones eventually use their tips and may cause some damage.

To counter that, wooden drumsticks can end up splintering or cracking and damaging the mesh head if you like to be a bit more aggressive with your drumming endeavors. The saw dust can also gather underneath the mesh heads, which is close to impossible when using nylon tipped sticks. If you like to play hard, its best to seek out drumsticks that have special shock absorber inserts, which helps to keep the damage of stick down to a minimum.

2. Drum Throne

What else could be of more importance than a soft and firm cushion to sit on while you enjoy the flow of your drum. The sad thing is, even as useful as a drum throne, its very rare to see them come with a kit (unless stated otherwise) probably because this particular item depends highly upon personal choice.

A drum throne indefinitely is the place where you will be spending majority of your time when doing your drum lessons or just drumming. Whatever the case may be (writing a new song or trying to point out the wrongs in your practice sessions), you definitely will be sitting on the seat also known as a drum throne.

Over the years there have been some appearance of fancy drum sits in the market, with sits ranging from those with pockets for storing drumsticks, cup holders for drinks and yes, hangers for towels should in case drumming gets intense. Most drummers have however, find these fancy options to be distracting than useful and just usually go for the simplest and comfiest ones.

3. Bass Drum Pedals

OK, I understand, its hard to believe that this is included in this list. you probably might be asking “Aint a drum pedal supposed to come with a drum kit?” The shocking answer my friend is “most digital drum kits come without a bass pedal“. Because of course, pedals are different and comes with a lot of option. Which is probably why most makers of digital drum kits prefer not to just stick in any dummy thing for you.

Its somehow challenging to buy a pedal for a digital drum kit since you have to focus not on the quality of the product, but also on the compatibility that it may or may not have with your specific kit. For this, even us cant specifically recommend a specific pedal for your kit, so we advice you take it easy, explore the possibilities and choose something that is both within your budget and suitable for your style of music.

Features to Look Out For in an Electronic Drum Kit

As with the review of the best electric drum sets 2017 / 2018 (Users choice), probably by now, you might be aware of what to look out for when considering an electric drum set 2018. For those who really cant grab it, here’s an outlined feature for you.

** Acoustic volume: If you ever wonder why most musicians still prefers acoustic drums, this is probably a top rated reason. What’s the point of drums if it doesn’t give you that satisfying, crisp sound? Useless! Sometimes the volume just isn’t right and we know why. Since most sets have either rubber or mesh pads, their performances cant be equal to the same as traditional acoustic drums. To combat this, see below (Rubber or mesh pads)

** Rubber or mesh pads: While this might be unsuspecting, it does for sure have a way of affecting your output. Though Mesh pads are more responsive and closer to replicating acoustic drums than the rubber, they are also expensive and cost more than the rubber. With a mesh pad, sound quality is also improved quite significantly. But if you are looking for a sturdy hard surface to practice on, then. the rubber pads are definitely your choice.

** Components of the Drum: Usually the standard 5-piece comprises of a snare, hi-hat, crash tom and kick (so checkout for these major components) Bigger than this (still for less) would include additions like ride cymbal, extra tom and sometimes even a microphone, headphone and seat. While the other expensive sets can come with all manner of mouth watering components and features. (above $2k drum sets)

** Budget and Price: At the end, it all boils down to how much you have and how much you are willing to pay for an electronic drum set. The features and extra adds will affect what the set will cost, from basic features at entry level prices to more elaborate functionality with prices to match.

** Brand preference, Your Brand Of Choice: While most people prefers to go with already existing old brands like Yamaha, others are willing to give the new ones a trial. Depending on your use and level of expertise, you may be stuck on a particular brand of choice. But the thing is, “its not really about the brand , but about the particular kit you can get within a price range”. I.E Yamaha is a more established brand in the musical world, but Alesis emerged the Best overall and most drummers choice.

** Appearance: Honestly, left for me alone, i wouldn’t have included this on the list as this is “truth be told” the lowest on the priority list, to me, its all about performance and quality not look. But the look of a drum kit could be a big factor for some. Overall, if you are a professional you may have a certain image in mind and you may want your equipment to reflect this.

If there are any more important thing to look out for that you feel we may have omitted from this list as well as any great drum kit you feel ought to be in this list, you are welcome to share with us. For features to look out for in a good Electronic drum set, we will include it if valid; For addition of a great electronic drum kit, we will perform a review and add it to the as soon as possible list if its worth it. Kindly use the comment box to suggest, inquire or share more insights.

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