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It is important to note that; while we are a community of like minded people (by virtue of our love for good music, great sound) and thus gives insights, as well as share tips and tutorials as well as review of the best products for great musical sound, we do not actively encourage beginners / novince to become their own self engineers.

Also, we are not a store and do not sell any product directly to our users. Most of our products recommended are majorly from trusted online vendors like Amazon based on users choices, expert picks and carefully reviewed.

Terms Of Services

By using our site, you are agreeing to the following;

** We are not to be held responsible for any damage caused by you by means of using some of the tips and advice we provide here. If you are clearly ignorant about a particular topic, kindly request help or better still hire the services of a professional near you

** While we review products, we are not in any way affiliated with the manufacturers of these products and thus, is not to be held responsible for faulty products by any manufacturer. If you receive a faulty product from any of the manufacturer, kindly return and ask for a replacement or money back.

** While we provide product reviews and guides to choosing the best, you recognise the fact that we do so based on users choice, opinions and our test results. We do not in any way make it a must to buy any product in particular. It is advised that you go through the list carefully while reading the reviews and decide by yourself whats best fit for your personality. Or better still, ask a professional for help.

** All opinions shared here are a collective result of data and analytics based on current users and buyers.

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